miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2017


This morning, (happy and excited) we took the bus to travel to Peralta de la Sal, a very small village in Huesca. After two hours, we arrived there . Alice and Gareth, our English teachers, were waiting for us. They welcomed to everybody in the old church  (we are staying in the place where San José de Calasanz was born) and we were split in two groups: Stars and Rockets. Then we went to our bedrooms and left our luggages. After a short walk around the house, classes started. We were doing activities like reading, listening... until lunch-time. We were very hungry. This was our menu today: Lentils, hamburger and chips and pear.
After brushing our teeth, we went out to the playground for a break. We could play football and basketball. At half past three  we returned to our classrooms (and we go on working now)
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Daniel Lera dijo...

Hey! It looks great!!!
I hope you have fun and learn a lot!!